Poster Presentations

Title: Biomaterial-based Microparticle Vaccine Modulates Cellular Tolerance in Type 1 Diabetes

Presenter: Josh Stewart

Title: Local and Sustained Delivery of BDNF Mediates Spinal Learning

Presenter: Nikunj K. Agrawal

Title: Greener alternatives for commodity plastics: aromatic polyacetal ethers as novel biorenewable degradable plastics

Presenter: Mayra Rostagno

Title: Polyalkylenehydroxycinnamic acids (PAHCAs): Biorenewable polystyrene mimics derived from lignocellulose

Presenter: Ha Thi Hoang Nguyen

Title: Extrusion-based 3D Printing of Biological Constructs

Presenter: Yifei Jin

Title: Oxide based approach for radiopharmaceutical treatment of Osteosarcoma

Presenter: Michael Kwan

Title: Biomimetic Bone in a Beaker

Presenter: Brian Wingender

Title: Magnetically Triggered Latent Transforming Growth Factor-β Activation

Presenter: Adam Monsalve

Title: Random Acrylate Copolymer Surface Grafting to Poly(dimethyl siloxane) Elastomer Surfaces for Improved Anti-Biofouling

Presenter: Cary Kuliasha

Title: Density fluctuations and fluid flow in epithelial monolayers

Presenter: Steven Zehnder

Title: Engineering Vascular Tissues in vitro: the Importance of Relevant Culture Conditions

Presenter: Aurore Van de Walle

Title: Collagen Mineralization using Polyaspartic Acid and Tripolyphosphate

Presenter: Neha Saxena

Title: Creation of Luminescent Silicon Nanoparticles Through Oxidation of Porous Silicon Wafers for Biomedical Applications

Presenter: Camille Leonard

Title: A versatile platform for pulmonary drug delivery based on matrix metalloproteinase-sensitive hydrogel microparticles.

Presenter: Emilie Secret

Title: Multiferroic Janus Fibers for Bioapplications

Presenter: Maeve Budi

Title: Electrospun Vascular Scaffolds with Crosslinked Diol-Citrate Elastomers

Presenter: Sean Irby

Title: Non-Isocyanate Urethane Engineered Hydrogels for Anti-fouling Applications

Presenter: Laura Villada

Title: Magnetically-Templated Hydrogels for Peripheral Nerve Repair

Presenter: Christopher Lacko

Title: Multifunctional nanoparticle for drug delivery, magnetic sorting and Imaging of Mesenchymal Stem cells

Presenter: Isaac M Adjei

Title: Novel Divalent Aptamer Assembly for Controlled VEGF Receptor Activation

Presenter: Vidhya Ramaswamy

Title: Core-Shell Microcapsules of Calcium Carbonate Coated Emulsions and Liposomes

Presenter: Richard Saballos

Title: Self-healing Hydrogels Containing Reversible Oxime bonds with Tunable Gelation and Degradation Behavior

Presenter: Soma Mukherjee

Title: Room-Temperature Self-Healing Polymers Based on Dynamic-Covalent Boronic Esters

Presenter: Jessica Cash

Title: Effect of Simulated Microgravity on Blood Derived Endothelial Progenitor cells and Endothelial Cells.

Presenter: Vidhya Ramaswamy

Title: Conscription Exosomes: Engineering Exosomes to Fight Cancer

Presenter: Michael Sand

Title: Nanotechnology-based platform targeting diffuse infiltrative pontine glioma

Presenter: Ana C. Bohorquez

Title: Preparation and Characterization of Magnetic Gene Transfection Agents Consisting of Polyethylenimine Coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

Presenter: Melissa Cruz-Acuña

Title: Multi-Scale Indenter for Mechanical Characterization of Soft Tissues: Applications in Cancer, Genetics, and Stem Cell Therapy

Presenter: Andres Rubiano

Title: Developing novel strategies for early enhanced release of materials from Endosomal Pathway

Presenter: Lawrence Fernando

Title: Oxygen-generating biomaterials may reduce hypoxia at transplant site and thus increase viability of transplanted islet cells

Presenter: Maria Coronel

Title: Collagen Gel Characterization Using a Micro-Indentation Technique

Presenter: Brandey Andersen

Title: Tracking of Fluorescently Labeled Non-Human Primate Mesenchymal Stem Cells Implanted in NOD SCID Mice

Presenter: Anthony Frei

Title: The Effect of Poly(Lactide-co-Glycolide) Nanoparticle Size and Polyvinyl Alcohol/CTAB Coating on Transfection Efficiency into Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Presenter: Sophia Bou-Ghannam

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