Dr. Chelsey Simmons Research Talk

Thank you to everybody who came out to our fifth GBM of the semester to attend Dr. Chelsey Simmons' research presentation titled “Living Mechanical Models of Pancreatic Tumors…and other cool applications of biomaterials". Dr. Chelsey Simmons received her B.S. from Harvard University and both her M.S. and Ph.D from Stanford University. She is an assistant professor here at UF in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department.

Notes and Announcements:

2018-2019 Officer Elections

As we are approaching the end of the academic year, we are opening up nominations for next year's SFB officers! If you would like to nominate a member (or yourself) to serve on the SFB executive board next year, please do so here. Please note that candidates for president must have previously served on the executive board. Elections will be held at the final GBM on April 17. See below for officer descriptions.


  • Organize and host officer meetings and general body meetings

  • Allocate tasks to other officers

  • Help with website and newsletter updates

  • Work with vice president to plan Biomaterials Day

  • Be organized and oversee all chapter activities

  • Write grants and seek funding for Biomaterials Day

Vice President

  • In charge of Biomaterials Day

  • Work with treasurer to organize budget for event

  • Collaborate with president to write grants


  • Manage budget for organization (Biomaterials Day, travel, outreach, etc.)

  • Submit spending requests to Student Government

  • Order food for all general body meetings


  • Create sign-in sheet on Google Forms prior to each meeting

  • Add new email addresses to Listserv after each meeting

  • Compile brief summary of each meeting for Webmaster to add to UF SFB blog

  • Update and send out email newsletter regularly

Outreach Coordinator/BEC Representative

  • Organize outreach events

  • Come up with new ideas to get SFB active in the community

  • Attend all BEC meetings and report back to SFB board


  • Continuously update website and Facebook page

  • Make Facebook events for all GBMS and and invite members

  • Make brief blog post for each GBM so members can catch up if they missed a meeting

External Affairs Coordinator

  • In charge of social events

  • Collaborate with other organizations to put on more events

  • Seek contacts and sponsors for industry tours, info sessions, and tabling at Biomaterials Day

Active Member Status

SFB presented on the implementation of requirements an “active member” status. Active membership would be optional and would include benefits such as eligibility to attend the SFB National Conference and priority for spots on industry tours and industry info sessions. Requirements would include attending at least 4 meetings and 2 events per semester and becoming a member of the SFB National Chapter. This amendment to the constitution was put to a vote during the meeting.

Biomaterials Days 2018 - Breaking Barriers in Biomaterials Research - Feedback

Thank you to everyone that came out to Biomaterials Day 2018. Please fill out our feedback form! You can find the form here:


Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering for any outreach activities (go to tab at top of website: About > Outreach), please check out this link to sign up for the various volunteer opportunities: bit.ly/SFBoutreachsignup

We have a few opportunities that are currently in need of volunteers:

Girls Place

  • After school homework assistance

  • Once a month on Thursdays

  • Next event: April 12th (make sure you sign up a week in advance!)

Hands on Gainesville

  • Vertical garden design with Finley Elementary School

  • Facilitate once a week during after school program

  • Future dates:

  • March 28th

  • April 4th

  • April 11th

  • April 18th

  • April 25th

  • May 2nd

Outreach Committee

  • Help design outreach activities

  • Participation counts towards active membership

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