Dr. Cary Kuliasha Research Talk

Thank you to everyone who attended our general body meeting feature Dr. Cary Kuliasha! Dr. Kuliasha shared his research on antifouling coatings and how different materials and macrostructures affect fouling. Dr. Kuliasha was formerly the UF SFB president!

Notes and Announcements:

Upcoming Events:

  • General Body Meeting: 11/9, 5:30 pm, Reitz Union 2360, Engineering Innovation Institute

  • General Body Meeting: 11/30, 5:30 pm, location TBD

  • BIOMATERIALS DAY! 3/31/17: interested in being involved? E-mail us!


  • Abstract Submission for SFB annual conference is 11/7/16 http://2017.biomaterials.org/

  • C. William Hall Scholarship, Due 12/1/16, www.biomaterials.org/awards/c-william-hall-scholarship

  • Cato T. Laurencin Travel Fellowship, Due 12/1/16, www.biomaterials.org/awards/cato-t-laurencin-travel-fellowship

Seminars and Events of Interest:

  • Career Resource Center (CRC) has workshops coming up.

More information: https://www.crc.ufl.edu/students/events-and-programs/

  • BME Seminar Series: 10/31, 3:00 pm Communicore C1-15 “Magnetic Capture of Osteoarthritis Biomarkers”, Dr. Kyle Allen, University of Florida BME

  • BME Leadership Seminar Series: 11/7, 3:00 pm Communicore C1-15 “Interfacing Engineering, Biology, and Medicine at the Micro and Nanoscale”, Dr. Rashid Bashir, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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