E-Week and E-Fair 

E-week is a two week celebration hosted by the Benton Engineering Council here at the University of Florida. UF SFB participates in the "E-Fair" which is an event aimed at K-12 aged students to showcase engineering topics. 

Upcoming Outreach Events

​If you are interested in volunteering for any of the following outreach activities, please fill out the form here and we will send you additional information about getting involved with whichever activities you express interest in.

  • GatorTRAX

    • Along with Tau Beta Pi, this program will design an activity to teach kids about biomaterials

    • First meeting: 

To sign up to volunteer for the two above events, please follow this link: bit.ly/SFBoutreachsignup

Here are some other exciting possible opportunities for outreach:

  • Cade Museum

    • Volunteers must:

      • Fill out volunteer form online​

      • Complete form for a 10 min interview

        • Under "last name" enter: Last Name (SFB Volunteer)​

        • Interviews held Wednesdays 11am - 1pm and 3 - 6 pm

    • Strange Matter Exhibit​

      • Looking for volunteers to help with classes​

    • Deeper Involvement

      • Design your own lesson plan (proposals accepted on a rolling basis)​

      • Living Inventor Series: work with P.I. to create lesson plan about their invention

  • Biomaterials Education Challenge

    • Planning and designing a hands-on activity and presentation for middle school students in the field of biomaterials

    • Will go to local schools to present activity

  • EFair

    • E-week is coming up!  SFB has the opportunity to help with the EFair, which is an event for K-12 Students

    • Displays engineering topics that we can share with the kids

If you are interested in any of these above events, please follow this link to determine the dates of future events: bit.ly/SFBoutreachdates


​Society for Biomaterials​

​University of Florida Chapter of