Biomaterials Day 2016


The student chapter of the Society For Biomaterials held its fifth annual Biomaterials Day on March 11th, 2016 at the Reitz Union Ballroom. Biomaterials Day is a one-day symposium consisting of a keynote address, speaker presentations from academia as well as industry representatives, a student poster session featuring the work of graduate and undergraduate students from the University of Florida and other regional universities and lastly, an industrial information session for career opportunities in the field of biomaterials.


Keynote Speaker:

Stephen Little, PhD

  • William Kepler Whiteford Endowed Professor

  • Chair of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Ophthalmology, Immunology, and the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh.

  • Research includes biomimetics, tissue engineering, drug delivery and regenerative medicine

  • Received the Career Development awards from both the AHA and the NIH

  • Received the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Young Investigator Award

  • Received both a Phase I and Phase II Wallace H. Coulter Translational Research Award

  • Received the RPB Innovation in Ophthalmic Research Award

  • Received two Carnegie Science Awards

  • Received the Curtis W. McGraw Research Award from the ASEE

  • Camille Dreyfus Teacher Scholar

  • Fellow of the BMES

  • The only member of the School of Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh to ever win both the Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Award and the Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award

  • Founder of Qrono, Inc., the first custom controlled release formulation startup company based in Pittsburgh

Research Presentation:

Kevin Healy, PhD

UC Berkeley


  • Professor in the Department of Material Science and Engineering


Research interests:

  • Stem cells

  • Biological interfaces

  • Regenerative medicine

Research Presentation:

Adam Katz, MD

University of Florida


  • Professor of surgery in the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


Research interests: 

  • Adipose-derived cells and matrix components, and their therapeutic application and translation within the broader context of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

Research Presentation:

Candan Tamerler, PhD

University of Kansas


  • Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering


Research interests:

  • Molecular biomimetics

  • Bio-nanotechnology

  • Bio-enabled materials science

Research Presentation:

Barbara Boyan, PhD

Virginia Commonwealth University


  • Dean of the School of Engineering


Research interests:

  • Cell and tissue engineering

  • Response of cells to biomaterials

  • Mechanisms of action of hormones and growth factors in cartilage and bone

  • Normal and pathological calcification

  • Stem cell delivery technologies

Industry Representatives

​Society for Biomaterials​

​University of Florida Chapter of