Biomaterials Day 2012:

First Annual Symposium!

The student chapter of Society for Biomaterials held its inaugural Biomaterials Day entitled “Translational Research in Biomaterials” on March 16, 2012. The one-day symposium consisted of keynote address, speaker presentations, and poster sessions featuring work of graduate and undergraduate students. The purpose of this event was to create a regional network in the field of biomaterials that has a focus on translation research technologies. Our event achieved this goal by bringing people from academia and industry together to discuss advances in biomaterials and translational research under the format of a one-day symposium and welcome reception.


Welcome Address:

Dr. Bernie Machen

President of the University of Florida

Keynote Speaker:


John W. Sheets, PhD
Senior Vice President of Research at Boston Scientific

  • Responsible for revitalizing product development by establishing new global processes, creating worldwide technology strategies, and establishing new product sourcing and development networks with a focus on emerging markets


Research Presentation:


Jamie Grooms

Chairman and Director of AxoGen Inc.

  • Cofounder of AxoGen Inc and RTI Biologics

  • Developed state-of-the-art medical processing and manufacturing systems, robotics and other technological innovations

  • Held various leadership positions with LifeNet, Osteotech, and CryoLife

Research Presentation:

Larry Hench, PhD

Inventor of Bioglass®

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Florida


Areas of Interest:

  • Third generation bioactive materials

  • Sports medicine applications of bio-active materials

  • Regeneration and repair of cardiovascular and soft connective tissue

  • Bio-photonics and Photonic-based Biosensors

Research Presentation:


Eugene Goldberg, PhD
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Florida

Areas of Interest:

  • Surface modified ocular implants

  • Tissue-protective polymer coatings to prevent tissue damage during surgery

  • Nano/meso/microspheres for localized drug delivery and intratumoral cancer chemotherapy and immunotherapy

  • Nanostructured biopolymer scaffolds and gels for nerve tissue regeneration and spinal cord repair



Industry Representatives



AxoGen Inc.

Spinode Consulting

Boston Scientific

NovaBone Products LLC

​Society for Biomaterials​

​University of Florida Chapter of