Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstract submissions are for undergraduate and graduate oral and/or poster presentations during Biomaterials Day. The abstract should be no longer than 400 words and contain no more than three figures. Abstracts should be emailed to uflbiomaterials@gmail.com as either a word or PDF file. Be sure to register for Biomaterials Day, and indicate that you are submitting an abstract.

Abstracts should consist of 4 sections divided as follows:


  • Introduction

    • Clarifies the motivation for the work presented and prepares readers for the structure of the paper.

  • Materials and Methods

    • Provides sufficient detail for other scientists to reproduce the experiments presented in the paper. 

  • Results

    • Present research results

  • Discussion

    • Discuss research results​

  • The Conclusion

    • Presents the outcome of the work by interpreting the findings at a higher level of abstraction than the Discussion and by relating these findings to the motivation stated in the Introduction. Explain the significance of your findings / outcomes and future implications of the results.


Student talks will be 12 minutes with 3 minutes after for questions. We will be awarding cash prizes to the best poster and oral presentation.


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