Biomaterials Day 2016

Student Abstracts

Oral Presentations

Tapamoy Bhattacharjee, 3D Cell behavior in Liquid Like Solids, MAE, UF 


Daniel Stewart, Viscoelastic Characterization of Brain Tissue Surrogates, BME, UF


Cary Kuliasha, Engineered Nanotopographies: A RAFT Mediated Polymerization for Grafted Anisotropic, Nanopatterns on PDMSe, MSE, UF

Poster Presentations

Rachel Besser, Engineering Microenvironmental Cues to Drive Maturation of Cardiomyocytes, BME, UF


Benjamin Spearman, Mechanically-tunable Natural Hydrogel Scaffolds for Peripheral Nerve Regeneration, BME, UF


Samuel Jativa, Peptide-functionalized PAMAM Dendrimers for Targeted Delivery of DNA Vaccines to Skeletal Muscle Cells, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Miami


Evelyn Bracho-Sanchez, Exogenous Delivery of Indoleamine 2,3 Dioxygenase for the Induction of Antigen Specific Immune Tolerance, BME, UF


Nikunj Agrawal, Oligonucleotide hybridized hydrogels for sustained release of aptamer antagonists to promote axon growth, BME, UF 


Steven Wellman, Harnessing Apoptosis for Enhanced Tissue Preservation during Decellularization, BME, UF 


Timothy Pham, Surface Finishing of Biodegradable Stents, MAE, UF 


Brian Wingender, Self-Assembled Collagen for Better Bone Mimics via PILP Processing, MSE, UF 


Nicholas Abuid, Bioactive Covalent Layer-by-Layer Platforms for Cellular Encapsulation, BME, UF 


Glendon Plumton, Macroporous 3D Scaffolds For Studying MSC Migration and Differentiation within Cartilage Defects, UF BME 


Shannon Brown, Nanoparticle Targeting to Cartilage: Effects of Surface Charge on Nanoparticle Interactions with Joint Tissues, BME, UF 


Margaret Fettis, Microgels with tunable affinity-controlled protein release via desolvation of self-assembled peptide nanofibers, BME, UF 


Michael Kwan, Inorganic Oxide Development of Radiopharmaceuticals, MSE, UF 


Kaileigh Rock, Coating of neural probes with poly(ethylene glycol) for improved anti-inflammatory behavior, BME, UF 


Laura Villada, Amphiphilic Hydrogels: Correlation Between Structure and Antifouling Performance, MSE, UF 


Maeve Budi, Biophasic Ceramic Nanomaterials, MSE, UF 

Zachary Greenberg, Copper Capillary Hydrogel Synthesis and Purification for Biomedical Applications, Chemistry, UF (POSTER)

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